Спецификация на генераторы Agilent семейства 81100 (Pulse Pattern Generators)

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  • Название: Agilent Technologies 81100 Family of Pulse Pattern Generators
  • Автор: Agilent
  • Тип документа (версия): Technical Specifications (Version 1.2)
  • Язык: ENG
  • Формат: PDF
  • Размер: 282 КБ

Краткое описание:

The Agilent 81101A, 81104A, 81110A and 81130A generate all the standard pulses and digital patterns needed to test current logic technologies (CMOS, TTL, LVDS, ECL, etc.).
With the optional second channel on all of the models from 80 MHz to 660 MHz, multi-level and multi-timing signals can be obtained using the internal channel addition feature.
- variable pulse parameters in pattern mode as well as in pulse mode (not on the 81130A);
- synchronously triggerable;
- simulation of reflections/distortions (81104A, 81110A);
- three/four-level codes (81104A, 81110A).

Flexible pulses or patterns for digital designs. Key Features:
- pattern mode on all models from 80 MHz to 660 MHz, including pseudo-random binary sequence;
- the outputs of dual-channel instruments can be added (analog or EXOR, depending on model);
- user-retrofittable channels for most models;
- upward compatibility;
- individual solutions for frequencies up to 50, 80, 165, 330, 400 and 660 MHz;
- 100% form/fit compatibility.

Reliable measurements
All models provide clean, accurate pulses with excellent repeatability, thus contributing to measurement integrity. The Agilent 81110A features selfcalibration for more accuracy. It also offers a choice of output modules. The Agilent 81111A 165 MHz 10 V module with variable transitions.


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