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Справочное руководство Agilent 81130A 400/660MHz Pulse/Data Generator

Опубликовано 15 Окт 2010 | Рубрика Agilent, Guides & Manuals | Просмотров: 47

  • Название: Agilent 81130A 400/660MHz Pulse/Data Generator
  • Автор: Agilent
  • Тип документа: Reference Guide
  • Язык: ENG
  • Формат: PDF
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Краткое описание:

This guide provides reference information primarily for programming the Agilent 81130A via remote control.
Chapter 1 “General Programming Aspects” on page 13 gives general hints for programming instruments like the Agilent 81130A using SCPI commands.
Chapter 2 “Programming Reference” on page 25 provides detailed information on the SCPI commands supported by the instrument.
Chapter 3 “Specifications” on page 95 lists the instrument’s technical specifications and provides exact definitions for the instrument’s parameters.
For an introduction and information on the Agilent 81130A’s user interface, please refer to the Quick Start Guide, p/n 81130-91020.